Walk About (CD)

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Mary Knysh

Contains 15 tracks of folk music from cultures all across the globe. This CD is an excellent way to demonstrate global music to your music classroom, particularly for young students.

Interesting folk instruments lace every track, letting young students hear sounds they’ve likely never experienced.

Tracks include:

  • The Earth Is Our Mother (Native American chant)
  • Day-O (Caribbean)
  • Call of the Wild
  • Funga Alafia (African)
  • Haulin’ Joe (Caribbean
  • Mbira Medley
  • McNamara’s Band (Irish)
  • Iko Iko (Creole)
  • Marjorie (Medieval)
  • Walk About (Australian Aborigine
  • Moonlight Dance
  • We Come from the Mountains (African/Caribbean)
  • La Cucaracha (South American)
  • Windy Mountain
  • May There Always Be Sunshine (Russian)

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