Music for Children Vol 1 Pentatonic

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Carl Orff & Gunild Keetman

English edition by M. Murray

Music for Children is a stimulating source of material for music teaching. Contents of this first volume: speech and rhythmic exercises, nursery rhymes, songs, instrumental pieces and melodic exercises using only the five note scale, with instructions and notes. Illustrated. Includes: Cuckoo * Pat-a-cake * Little Tommy Tucker * Wee Willie Winkie * Bye, baby bunting * Ring-a-ring o’roses * Grey goose and gander Walk down the path * Two little dicky birds * Tommy’s fallen in the pond * Unk, unk, unk * Tom, Tom the piper’s son * My little pony * Cross-patch * Warm hands warm * Shoe the little horse * Polly put the kettle on * Cuckoo, where are you? * Early to bed * The baker * The day is now over * Little Boy Blue * There was an old woman * One to make ready * The north wind doth blow * O Lady Mary Ann * I love sixpence * Ding, dong, the bells do ring * The Campbells are coming * The grand old Duke of York * Oliver Crombwell * Allelujy * Where are you going to, my pretty maid? * Farewell to the Old Year * Pippa’s song * The cuckoo is a clever bird * Old Angus McTavish * Boomfallera

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